Quality puppy jungles, jungle gyms and fitness equipment for dog breeders, trainers and owners.
Quality puppy jungles, jungle gyms and fitness equipment for dog breeders, trainers and owners.
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"Oh my goodness, BEST puppy toy ever. This is the one for in the whelping box, so the puppies can enjoy it from an early age. Superior furniture grade colored PVC, very well made, GREAT toys, excellent communication and quick ship. Definitely a BIS puppy jungle! Highly recommend it for anyone with either a litter or a your new addition to the family. This keeps them busy and burns puppy energy." ~ JoAnne Wright


"I love my new Puppy Jungle and Fitness/Training Square. The quality is amazing!!" ~ Leslie Glaze Kovacs


"I received our puppy jungle today. After some errors on my part putting it together, I looked at the pictures they sent me and went DUH. Had they not known to send those pictures, I would of probably still been working on it. My 4 week old standard poodles immediately took to it, and started playing with the toys. Thank you, I absolutely love it. Also I see many say they can just make one, you're right you can I did in the past. But trust me when I say it won't be like this. Much better quality products used in these, plus the cool colors!" ~ Kiley Cabrera


"Love love love my puppy gym. I have one now and recently ordered another! Puppies love them and they are very durable. Highly recommend there gyms and professionalism ❤️" ~ Amanda Duckett


"I ordered 1 jungle for my litter of lab puppies to try it out. It was delivered sooner than I expected which was a nice surprise. My puppies loved it and I am able to keep it for my next litter. I will definitely be ordering again from them." ~ Jacquye Schimmel


"I just got my first puppy jungle and our Cardigan puppy loves it. I plan on ordering another!" ~ Penny Kroh


"Oceanblue Puppy Jungles donated one of their products to the raffle for the Association of Great Dane Fanciers. It was an extremely popular item and helped to raise $ for our club. The product arrived quickly and looked great!" ~ Jaclyn Watts


"I have three and my yorkies love y keeps them busy and entertained." ~ Mickie Puig


"As a breeder for over 30yrs, it’s crucial that puppies are stimulated. The ocean blue jungle gym does it in numerous ways visually colors lights. Developing depth perception and visual acuity.Pproviding stimulation and entertainment for developing solid, socialized puppies." ~ Kong Stephanos


"I recently purchased a large Puppy Jungle from Oceanblue Puppy Jungles. My 4 week puppies LOVE it!!! I impressed with the quality and the creativity of the toys. I'm a firm believer in habituating my pups to as much as I can before the go to their new homes. Oceanblue Puppy Jungles will always be in my program!!! Thank you!!!" ~ Heather Silas


"This is a high quality product and has stood up to a very busy litter of 9 Dane puppies. I have the highest quality of the large puppy jungle and was thrilled to be able to customize the colors and even theme. Oceanblue puppy jungles was easy to work with and I got exactly what I wanted! The jungle is excellent for puppies mental and physical development and they enjoyed it their entire time in the whelping and play area. The product held up well and cleans up easily which is great when you have growing puppies. It also breaks down for storage or reconfiguration. I will absolutely purchase from this company again. My next purchase will be a whelping box jungle for future litters." ~ Jen Denick


"Great product. Well made. Puppies loved it. So did my 2 year old granddaughter. It was popular with all!" ~ Sterling Moffat


"Highly recommend. Great quality and well made. My puppies LOVE their Oceanblue jungle." ~ Kathy Spears